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Chong Wa Benevolent Association 西雅圖中華會館

Established in 1912, the original mission of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association was 1) to provide a unified voice for Chinese Americans in Washington state, 2) to mediate disputes between the various Chinese organizations and 3) to keep alive traditional opera forms and maintain the language and culture among the younger generations.


Today, Chong Wa represents community interests to city, county and state governments to foster improvements in Seattle’s Chinatown and to foster Chinese language and cultural programs. The association is housed in a historic 1929 building located in the heart of Seattle’s Chinatown. The building serves as a meeting place on matters of import to the community, as well as a home base for the Seattle Chinese Community Girl’s Drill Team, the Chinatown Dragon Team and a Chinese language program–the state’s oldest. Program offerings include adult, youth and children’s Mandarin classes, Cantonese for Adults, English Learner and Citizenship classes, as well as cultural activities, such as Cantonese or Beijing opera rehearsals and performances.

今日的中華會館代表華人社區在市,郡及州政府爭取華人的利益,促進西雅圖唐人街的改善,及提供漢語 課來促進中國語言及文化。中華會館坐落在位於西雅圖唐人街心臟地帶的一個建於1929年的近百年的建築內。該建築現在成為華人社區的聚會場,也是西雅圖華人社區女子儀隊,Related image唐人街舞龍隊和本州歷史最悠久的華文學校的所在地。華文學校提供包括成人,青少年和兒童的華語課以及成人粵語,英語和公民課程.